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Frozen Strawberries IQF
Variety: Camarosa / Festival (as customer request)
Size: 24 – 36 mm
Product description: whole.
Process: washed, sorted, IQF, packed
Packing available: 10 K.G in bags into carton box, 25 K.G in p.p bags, 1 K.G in bags into carton box 8 K.G (according costumer request).
Fresh Strawberry
Calendar: November till of February
Specification: High quality Green and Red Mint.
Varieties: senga sengana , Festival, Camarosa.
Packing: 8 Pun net, 2kg per cartons 10 Pun net, 2.5 kg per carton.
Temperature: The Optimum temperature is from 0 to 2.5 °C. The temperature may rise to 6 °C, but under conditions Such that variations are minimized. The permitted Variation is ± 1 °C.
Quality standard: products meet or exceed the international standard & EU standard class 1.
Fresh Peaches
Calendar: Mars, April, May
Packing: 5 kg in carton
Container Capacity: Container 40 feet reefer takes: 22 ton
Cartons per container: 4400 cartons
Pallets per container: 20 pallets
Fresh Grapes
Calendar: May, June. July, August, September
Specifications: Berries are creamy, green, yellow & red color. Superior seedless Grapes meet international and European Union (EU) Class1.
Varieties Available: Flame & ruby & Thompson & superior
Packing Available: 4.5 kg, 5 kg cartons each containing 450-700 gm bunch. Also available 500 gm clear plastic punnet in 5 kg carton.
Container Capacity: 40 Ft Container Takes 17 Tons
Packing: 2400 Crts X 5 Kg n.w X 10 pun nets, 3600 Crts X 4.5Kg n.w X 9 bags.
Ideal storage temperature: is usually 2 °C.
Fresh Orange
Calendar: January, February, December
Varieties: Navel (normal, nhool, shamoty), Valencia, Baladi & sokary.
Sizes: All sizes is available (36 : 125).
Standard Packing: Open Top or telescopic Cartons Net Weight 15 kg / Gross Weight 16 kg Net Weight 7.5 kg / Gross Weight 8.25 kg.
Fresh Limon
Calendar: All the year
Varieties: Adalia lemon, verna lemon & seedless lemon .
Sizes: All sizes is available (64: 188).
Standard Packing: Open Top Cartons & Telescopic Cartons (Net Weight 15 kg / Gross Weight 16 kg), (Net Weight 8 kg / Gross Weight 8.75 k).(350 kg or 500 kg pins cartons or wooden box available for Industrial usage).
Fresh Mango
Calendar: July, August, September, October
Varieties: keet, India, alfons, fas, zibda, taimour, pairy, palmar, naoumy & haidy.
Standard Packing: Open Top Cartons & Telescopic Cartons (Net Weight 15 kg / Gross Weight 16 kg).
1. RIO RED: It is the most intensive colored grapefruit and is the most recent discovery. It seems to substitute the Star Ruby as the variety with the highest pigmentation. Rio Red has the same characteristics as the Star Ruby but with finer skin. It is a variety of red grapefruit.
2. STAR RUB: This variety was found in Texas by irradiation of Hudson Foster grapefruit seeds. The fruit reaches good fruit size and it characterize itself through its red fruit pulp and pleasant flavor, Produces a low number of seeds. The rind is very thin and the juice content is high. This variety is sweeter and less bitter than others. It is a variety offer grapefruit.
3. WHITE: Descript ion: Bud mutation from the Thompson variety discovered in Texas 1931. The Fruit has abig and medium sizes and of good quality, Almost without seeds. Its skin is yellow and frequently with yellow areas and the pulp is yellow.
Fresh Mandarin
Packing: 5 Kg /Cartoon Open Top.
Container: 20 MT / 40 FCL Containers.
Size: Small, Medium & Large.
Keeping Quality: Oranges can be stored for 3 months at (7.11º C); up to 5 months at (2.22º-3.89º C)
Relative humidity: 90-95 %, Free from Damage caused by dirt or other foreign material, disease, dryness, or mushy condition, hail, insects and sunburn.
Fresh Watermelon
Varieties: Giza - Crimson - Dumara – Skata (May till August)
Packing Available: 2/carton or 4/carton or depend on client request
Weight: 20 kg in carton
Container Capacity: 40 Ft Container Takes 22 Tons
Quality Standard: Products meet or exceed the international standard & Euro standard Class 1
Calendar: August, September, October
Varities: Asyut - Baladi.
Packing: 3600 Crts X 4.5 n.w.
Calendar: April
We have different sizes, weights for Cantaloup from the farm to your Warehouse easily to go.
Varieties: Majenda - Gallia - Profense
Calendar: January, February, Mars, April, May, August, September, October, November, December
Color: Yellow & Green
Packing: 2 kg in carton
Quality Standard: products meet or exceed the international standard & EU standard class 1.
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